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East Dekalb Girls Fastpitch Softball Association

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Team Administrator/Team Mom

This is a working list of resources for team moms/team administrators.

Certification Information: All coaches/scorekeepers and team moms should be certified: submit completed code of conduct to park rep/league official to certify. Below are online resources for obtaining certification. Click link to join/renew membership or certification tab.
National Alliance for Youth Sports
National Council of Youth Sports
Doyle Baseball
[Additonal resources: Georgai ASA and American Sport Education program]

Team Parent Notebook (pdf version) (optional resource to share with parents)

Newsletters for Team Moms

Check out these links!

Motivational Tips
Softball Excellence tips
Funny Cheers
Motivational Quotes
Managing Injuries
Emergency Action Planning (nays.com)
First Aid Kit (general first-aid)
Practice Tips (article)
Injury Prevention (article)
Sports Injury (article)
Stop Sport Injuries (blog)
Concussion Article (CDC - in high school Sports)

Lightening (article)
Team Roster e-book
Coach-Parent Liason
Role as Team Mom
Team Mom Playbook
Sample Game Day Checklist
Practice Checklist ideas
Coach Checklist ideas Team Snack Schedule and Snack ideas (See also: http://www.volunteerspot.com/Team-Snack-Schedule and http://www.signupgenius.com/

Schedules: For information regarding team schedules, look for links under park association on the navigation menu. A view of the schedule will be imported to the calendar link under the team name.

Rained Out: To receive email/test notices regarding park conditions, please subscribe to RainedOut via mobile phone using codes for each team or online through rainedout.com (search for "edgfsa"). [Messages delivered as submitted by Park Reps.] This list is currently being developed and will be updated before the first scheduled game. It will be available for park reps, coaches, parents, players and fans.

For additional information specific to our league, please review the Rules and Forms page linked on the left navigation menu.

Coaches (or Team Moms) are encouraged to bring to each game: league rules, Team Roster Book (league certified affidavits, team roster, code of conduct for each coach and media release form for each player), scorebook and contact information for park rep. In case of an emergency, dial 911 and advise park rep of incident.