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Reading  the  Schedule

Below is a sample schedule with a header.

The title (centered at top) lists the year for the schedule and the team for whom this schedule belongs. In this example, this is a schedule for "My Team" for the 2000 season.

For example, in the first game on April 9, My Team is home. We will play on field 6 at my park against the Tornados.

In the second game, My Team will play as visitor against the Vols on field 2 at Wynn Park.

The game time is when the game begins. Around 6:15pm, the umpire(s) generally asks for the line up. The umpire starts the clock AT 6:30pm.

2000 Team Schedule
My Team
Game # Scheduled Date Scheduled Time Visiting Team Home Team Park/Field
016xxMon, 4/9/2000 6:30pm Tornados My TeamHome-6
028xxThu, 4/19/2000 6:30pm My TeamVolsWynn-2