East Dekalb Girls Fastpitch Softball Association (EDGFSA)

East Dekalb Girls Fastpitch Softball Association

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Decatur, Georgia

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Resources  for  Score  Reporting

Certification Information (All coaches/scorekeepers and team moms should be certified: submit completed code of conduct to park rep/league official to certify. Below are online resources for obtaining certification.)
National Alliance for Youth Sports
Georgai ASA
American Sport Education program
Doyle Baseball




  • When scorekeeping, note original game date/time and actual game date/time to ensure each game is recorded correctly online.
  • In case of PROTEST, make sure umpire signs on protested game page in official scorebook as part of protest procedure.
  • Submit scores to park rep to input online as soon as possible after game.
  • Periodically view scores as reported online to make sure correct. This is the record that will be used in assessing season stats; confirm with park rep if changes needed.