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East Dekalb Girls Fastpitch Softball Association
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R E A D I N G     T H E     S C H E D U L E

Below is a sample schedule with a header.

The title (centered at top) lists the year for the schedule and the team for whom this schedule belongs. In this example, this is a schedule for "My Team" for the 2000 season.

If the opponent column reads "at opponent", this means opponent is home team for that game. For example, in the first game, My Team is home on field 6 and will play the Tornados. In the second game, My Team will play the Vols as visitor at Wynn Park.

The game time is when the game begins. Around 6:15pm, the umpire(s) generally asks for the line up. The umpire starts the clock AT 6:30pm.

2000 Team Schedule
My Team
Day Date Time Opponent field
Mon 4/9/2000 6:30pm Tornados 6
Thu 4/19/2000 6:30pm at Vols Wynn